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The National Federation of the Blind is a national organization with 50,000 members,
and has affiliates in all 50 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico.
NFB of Utah
Everette Bacon, President
Phone 801-463-6632 801-463-6632
Salt Lake City Chapter
President: Mark Turley, 801-440-4770 801-440-4770 ,
1st Vice President: David Sarle, 801-467-4378 801-467-4378 ,
2nd Vice President: Laura Hathaway, 801-972-2774 801-972-2774 ,
Secretary: James Bybee, 801-910-2543 801-910-2543 ,
Treasurer: Karl Smith, 801-652-5285 801-652-5285 ,
Board Member: Mac Biggers, 801-916-9753 801-916-9753 ,
Board Member: Tina Haskin, 630-335-2280 630-335-2280 ,
Board Member: Susan Reimers, 801-809-0184 801-809-0184 ,
Chapter Meetings: 4th Saturday, 10 AM
Downtown Library, but subject to change, please check back each month
Weber/Davis Chapter
President: Barbie Elliott, 801-546-0670E 801-546-0670E mail:
Vice President: Jerry Nealey 904-566-4773 904-566-4773
Secretary: Willie Black 801-450-2254 801-450-2254
Treasurer: Scott Wilcocks 801-675-0379 801-675-0379
Board Member: Tara Pursel 801-866-2226 801-866-2226
Board Member: Bill Clap
The Weber/Davis Chapter of the NFB of Utah regularly meets on the 3rd Friday or Saturday of every month

Utah Valley Chapter
The Utah Valley Chapter of the NFB of Utah regularly meets on the fourth Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Storytelling Wing of the Orem Public Library.
President: Steven Phelps, 801-899-9641,
Vice President: Kirt Manwaring
Secretary: Kara Campbell
Treasurer: Lisa Rowberry
Board Member: Adam Rushforth
Board Member: Claudia Palomar
Board Member: Hassan Jamshed
Red Rocks Chapter
President Robert Olsen: 435-673-0616Email:
vice President: Helen Eckman ~
Secretary: Linda Lange,
Treasurer: Ian Reed ~
Board Member: Milo Waddoups
Board Member: Kay Hart ~
Board Member Traci Mc Donald
Board Member Mary Taylor
The Red Rocks Chapter normally meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month at The Red Rock Center for Independence 515 West 300 NorthSaint George, Utah
Cache Valley Chapter
President: Irene Timm 435-770-9498
Vice President: Kassondra Payne E mail 435-232-1073
Treasurer: Margret Pavithran
Secretary: Ulvia Guadarrama
Board member: Sachin Pavithran
The Cache Valley chapter meets every third Saturday in the Boonville room of the Logan city library, at 1:00
Iron County Chapter
President Tara Cotterill, 435-867-8904 Email:
The Iron County Chapter meetings are being held at the Seader City Library on the 3rd Saturday of the month at noon.
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