Legislative Priorities & Fact Sheets

The following are the Washington Seminar priorities for the 117th Congress, Second Session.

Access Technology Affordability Act

The cost of critically needed access technology is out of reach for most blind Americans. The Access Technology Affordability Act will improve affordability of critically needed access technology necessary for employment and independent living.

Medical Device Nonvisual Accessibility Act

Advanced digital interfaces create barriers that prevent blind individuals from independently and safely operation home-use medical devices that are essential to their daily healthcare needs. The Medical Device Nonvisual Accessibility Act will end unequal access to home-use medical devices for blind Americans.

Accessible Websites Act

Websites are required by law to be accessible, but without implementing regulations most businesses and retailers have little understanding of what accessible means. The Accessible Websites Act will end website and mobile application inaccessibility for blind Americans.

Accessible Voting Act

The constitutionally protected right to vote that is available to all Americans is inaccessible to blind Americans. The Accessible Voting Act will ensure that all methods of voting, including registration, are accessible to blind and low-vision citizens.

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