NFB-NEWSLINE is a free service for those who belong to the Utah Library service for the blind. Once you have obtained your specific codes created just for you, this service can be accessed in many ways:

1 – Call 1-888-882-1629,  After entering in your 6 digit number and 4 digit pin, you will be able to hear the newspapers in many states, international content, weather, tv listings, and more; right over your phone.

2 – The second way to access NFB-NEWSLINE is via the Amazon Echo; Just say “Alexa open NFB-NEWSLINE'”.  If you do not have your account set up yet, just ask Alexa to ask National Federation to log in.  It will instruct you when to speak the 6 digit number and prompt you to speak your pin. Once this is completed you will not have to enter it again.

It will ask what do you want to read, you can say the name of a paper, For example say “Deseret Morning News”, and it will start speaking the content of today’s paper. You can say “next” to jump to the next article or “back” to go back an article.

3 – NFB Newsline can also be accessed through an app called BARD. This is free to download in the Google Play store or Apple store, you will need to know your codes to get it set up. If you need help with training please contact Jerry Nealey at 801-323-4353.

If there are questions locally please feel free to contact:
Jerry Nealey at 801-323-4353.

To obtain an account in Utah please contact the Utah Library for the Blind at 801-715-6789.